Artist Jazz Guetta, based in Los Angeles, was born into a multi cultural family, immersive and supportive of the arts. Jazz attended California Institute of the Arts studying sculpture and painting. In the following three years he became an apprentice to various renowned artists. Although Jazz has been around art his entire life, Jazz’s own life in art started when he was in an accident that left him temporarily wheelchair bound. When Jazz was released from the hospital and arrived home, his father transformed the living room into a wheelchair accessible studio. Jazz’s restricted movement, obliged his arms to compensate and exaggerate expressing his emotions. Spray paint was the sole medium Jazz desired to paint with; it’s propulsion extended his range of movements, thus allowing him to express farther than any other medium. His large gestural strokes animate the boldness of movement and motion. The technique Jazz developed and absorbed through injury, consists of many overlapping sprays in vibrant and neutral colors, existing on their own, as well as coming together to make a something bigger as a whole. The pain Jazz endured cultivated his passion, urging him to abandon all apprenticeships to focus on his ideas. He now stands on his own two feet and has painted murals all over the United States. Jazz will not stop painting until the day he dies.